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Wave Builder "Wave-Tex"

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The WaveBuilder Wave-Tex Wave Making Texturizer kit helps you to get the hairstyle that you need to look your best when you go out.
It's gentle on your hair or scalp so you can use it with no damage. It leaves a natural look so you can step out with confidence.
This wave kit for hair works in just minutes so you can use it before you start your day. It's fortified with amino acids and protein to provide outstanding wave training for your scalp. Its suitable on hair that's difficult to style. It leaves everything looking shiny, feeling soft and manageable enough for further styling so you can change up your look.

WaveBuilder Wave-Tex Wave Making Texturizer Kit:

  • Super gentle

  • Wave texturizer for men gives a natural look

  • Easy 3-step process

  • Works in minutes

  • Protein and amino acid fortified for serious wave-training power

  • Ideal for difficult-to-wave hair

  • Leaves hair soft, manageable and shiny