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Soft Sheen-Carson Wave Nouveau Daily Humectant16.9oz

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Soft Sheen-Carson Wave Nouveau Daily Humectant 16.9oz

Wave Nouveau Coiffure, the ultimate collection of textural enhancers designed to maximize your hair's capabilities, is a chemical treatment that is applied to hair to produce texture or curl pattern. Wave Nouveau Coiffure offers styling versatility for straight or natural-looking curly styles. The chemical treatment for Wave Nouveau Coiffure should be applied by a professional stylist but maintenance and styling may be done at home. Provides triple-conditioning moisturizers that hydrate and nourish hair. These conditioners deliver balance to give hair fullness and body - with instant manageability and maximum touch ability. No dryness, no frizz. Hair can be styled and restyled.

  • Provides conditioning that hydrates, nourishes, and provides balance.

  • Provides long-lasting softness, body, and shine.

  • Excellent for permanent, waved, and natural hair.