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Arlo's Pro-Growth Beard Oil

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Arlos Pro-Growth Beard Oil contains a powerful blend that will stimulate your beard hair growth and strengthen that sweet Fu Man Chu for healthy, nourishing results. Boost your beards hair growth with our 100 % natural Castor Oil Pro-Growth formula.

  • Each 99% Natural blend of essential vitamins & nutrients helps tackle a different issue your beard may face.

  • Arlo's condition focused beard oils tackle a multitude of problems your scruff faces on a daily basis.

  • Cooling and soothing to help ease any irritation your coarse hair might cause to your skin or boosting growth for a fuller and more impressive look.

  • These light, non-greasy oils moisturize, protect and refresh your facial hair daily. They're 99% natural, absorb quickly and the result will have the ladies fighting for the chance to nuzzle up to you.